Year 2

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Welcome to Year 2

In year 2, the children have a very enriching curriculum. All our children are enthusiastic to learn about significant events from the past such as The Gunpowder Plot and Great Fire of London. The Great fire of London lends itself to many design technology activities and health and safety incorporating a visit from the local fire department. The children have designed spectacular 17th century homes using various recyclable materials. Next term we will be burning these on the school grounds in a controlled fire with our local fire brigade! Through these type of topics children have opportunities for lots of extended writing.

We reinforce many phonics skills in Year 2. We use the Read Write Inc Scheme. This is key to helping them move forward in their reading.

In our maths lessons we cover many areas in the build up to the KS1 SATs tests. For example, place value, the four operations, fractions, shape and measure.

The children have many online interventions including Purple Mash, Spelling Shed, Mathletics and Reading Eggs.


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