Year 3

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Welcome to Year 3

In year 3, we begin our learning by going right back to Pre-historic Britain and fully immerse ourselves into the Stone Age and cave art. Whilst studying this, we also learn all about different types of rocks, fossils and the permeability of soil.

Then, we travel to a different continent of the world and we look at the tremendously fascinating Ancient Egyptians. We find out about their tombs and the reasons why they mummified themselves.

Finally, we finish off the year looking all at our amazing local history. We will be visiting Liverpool and exploring some of the wonderful landmarks our beautiful city has to offer.

We teach our English curriculum through lots of fascinating novels and books in year 3, including The BFG, The Story of Tutankhamun and The Pied Piper of Hamelin Town. The children have time to really unpick the author’s purpose and intent within the text.

Please see below for an overview of our curriculum in year 3.

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

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