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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4, where lots of fun and exciting learning takes place. On this page you will find our class news and any other important information for the year. 

Autumn 2019

In literacy this term we are reading Shirley Hughes’ famous book ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’ where we look at how a young boy finds bravery in his time of need. A story about love, family, bravery and understanding at a time of conflict. We have had numerous discussions and unpicked language features and writer techniques. We are using our own writing skills to create a historical setting story and following our own characters adventures in digging deep and being brave. After half term we will picking apart Varmints by Helen Ward a story which tells of a pastoral world in need of protection and of the souls who love it enough to ensure its regeneration, this will link in with our PSHE topic of ‘Listen to the Tress.’

During our shared reading sessions, we have continued our WWII theme by looking at Little ships and Rose Blanche, both of these books allowed us to get a more rounded view of war and how it impacted on so many countries and so many people. We managed to link this with our PSHE focus on The Rights of Children. We developed a much better understanding of why rights for people were so important after the way some people were treated during the war. We compared this treatment with our school values of Tolerance, Compassion and Courage.

In maths, the focus started on place value, exploring vocabulary, mastering our reasoning and developing our application. We have recently moved onto addition and subtraction, which includes many areas (perimeter, money, distance negative numbers etc). We will finish the Autumn term by exploring multiplication and division through area, money and length.

In science, we are in the process of investigating the digestive system and teeth. We have explored food chains and the impact that has on ecosystems as well as where producers and consumers get their energy from. This has included many messy investigations. This will be followed by states of matter and how states change.

In computing, we are making our own word-processed piece of information whilst also discussing the importance of staying safe online. After half term, we will be having some fun with coding on scratch to make a quiz.

In RE, we will have been looking at Buddhism, in particular the fact that Buddhists do not believe in a god. They see Buddha as a man who once lived and became enlightened. They worship him as a sign of respect and devotion to his teachings. We have thought about ways we can use the beliefs and teachings of Buddha to help us make the right choice in our own lives. We have created Buddhist prayer flags and a ‘shrine to Buddha.’

In History, our first topic is Ancient Greece. We have investigated ancient artefacts, explored Greek sport and entertainment, researched gods and goddesses and explored Greek art. During the Autumn 2 term we will exploring maps




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