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Welcome to Year 6

In Year 6 we continue to build on and consolidate the key skills that the children have acquired throughout Key Stage 1 and 2 in an interesting, engaging and meaningful way. We encourage lots of purposeful discussion about our learning, helping the children to develop their explanation and reasoning skills across all subjects and building debating skills where the children can discuss differences of opinion in a tactful, respectful way. We build paired, group and active learning opportunities into every task we can to accelerate learning and give the children further motivation and purpose.

We challenge the children’s thinking at every opportunity, never just accepting a correct answer but always prompting for a deeper level of thinking, asking them to prove their reasoning or how to identify and avoid common misconceptions and errors within an area.

We work extremely hard to build resilience during our learning tasks so that, when faced with a challenge, we can persevere and try our hardest and we never give up. We highlight this as a vital life skill that the children will need throughout life and do our utmost to develop and promote this independence and resilience as much as possible.

Our curriculum is interesting and engaging and we provide many opportunities for children to link their learning to real life, giving it real relevance and meaning to them. We develop links with venues and visitors who can help bring this learning to life and further enrich the curriculum for the children, for example through theatre performances, orchestra trips, gallery and museum visits, author visits, programming workshops and many more.

We ensure that our children are well-prepared for testing situations so that they can flourish and shine, showing their utmost potential while working independently and to a deadline. Throughout the year, we provide Booster sessions after school for the children in English and Maths to revise and consolidate key skills and concepts and we build SATs-style tasks and questions into our daily Reading, Writing and Maths sessions so that the children have the opportunity to apply their learning, learn from errors and truly understand how to work efficiently under the pressure of time.

Most of all, we focus on the skills that we need to be a well-rounded, curious individual who are constantly striving to improve and be the best that they can be. We endeavour to create keen students who will continue to motivate themselves, show a thirst for knowledge and a desire to achieve their full potential.

Y6 Curriculum Overview

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