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At Blacklow Brow School we believe that the acquisition of basic skills is the foundation of all learning. We provide a curriculum which is broad and balanced and with an emphasis on the basic skills which are intrinsic to every aspect of the curriculum and everyday life.

All staff share this responsibility and plan their lessons to ensure that support staff, governors and parents also work towards this aim.

We are committed to ensuring that every child who attends Blacklow Brow School, no matter what their academic ability, has high expectations set for them.

A dedicated time for basic skills takes place first thing in the morning for 20 minutes. Work will be ready on the children’s tables and they come in. Children are expected to get straight on with their basic skills tasks. The class teacher and teaching assistant are on hand to give individualised support at this time. Work is set for all pupils on an individual basis and reflects previous learning. There is an extra basic Skills session for the last 10 minutes before home time. These sessions are daily.

The school is committed to maintaining and enhancing Literacy and Numeracy throughout the school and dedicated basic skills time supports this commitment.

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